Our used telco shopping list! Alcatel/Lucent, Ciena, etc.

We look to buy used/refurb/overstock equipment. Please contact sales@2keane.com if you have any of the following OR OTHER items for sale. CASH for USED. 

SNPYAB2          3AL45446AC

VAPQAE6         3FE20752AA01

BVPQADK        3FE20752AB01

BVL3AX4          3FE68218AA01

IPUCAF7          3HE07158AA01

IPUIBFG           200-00019-03

WMUCA5U     800-26556-01/03/04

SNCIFF0           NTCA48AA

WMCXBB0      800-27444

WMOTCT6      800-25141

WOCUA1P      FC9565W8C1      

LNW84 Lucent

Any Ciena kit