Paying cash for used Ciena, Cisco, Calix, Infinera, etc. Legacy Electronics Corp. 407-936-1310 Ciena NTK538UJ, NTK538UL, NTK538BK, NTK538BL, NTK539UH, NTK503KA, NTK507QA,..
I am looking for the following equipment on an ongoing basis. If you have some or have any in the future, please contact us. We pay cash for used. Legacy Electronics Corp. 407-936-1310..
Please let us know if you have any of these available or other Ciena OME 6500 kit for sale used or refurbished. 407-936-1310 Legacy Electronics Corp  Ciena OME 6500..
  We have the following NMS/Dialogic equipment available for sale. Make offers. 30 day warranty on all of it.  Legacy Electronics Corp. 407-936-1310  ..
  We buy, sell and repair used medical equipment. Contact us with your used requirements or excess equipment. Legacy Electronics Corp 407-936-1310   GASTROSCOPES..
We service the medical industry with a comprehensive used equipment marketplace. We buy your used and sell quality used/refurbished equipment with warranty. Contact with your list..
Please let us know if you have any interest in the following medical hardware items. We deal in all kinds of medical kit and would love to see anything you have for sale as well as any requirements..
  We are buying the following Fujitsu equipment. Please contact us at Legacy Electronics Corp. 407-936-1310 WE BUY QUITE A BIT MORE of the Fujitsu items. Please send us a..
We are always looking to buy used/refurb/overstock Motorola VMM6300 and VMM7300 Motomesh Vehicle mounted modems. Contact Steve at Legacy Electronics Corp if you have any for sale!..
We are always looking for used test equipment like... Keysight (Agilent) 6631B x3 Keysight (Agilent) 8720ES Keysight (Agilent) 8722ES Keysight (Agilent) 85056A Keysight (Agilent)..
We are currently looking for lots of Fujitsu equipment. Used/refurb. Send us your list! Legacy Electronics Corp. 407-936-1310 FC9565TCA1  FC9565TCA2..
We pay cash for used/refurbished Medial equipment. Scopes, processors, light sources, monitors, telemetry, pumps, etc. SEND US YOUR LIST! 407-936-1310 Olympus..
Send us your list of buy and sell requirements for Juniper equipmemnt. Refurbished for sale with warranty. 407-936-1310 CHAS-BP-MX960-ECM-S     MX960 with installed..
Please email your requirments for quality refurb Juniper. All equipment comes with a 90 day warranty. WE BUY USED JUNIPER. Send your list 407-936-1310 Legacy Electronics Corp..
LEGACY ELECTRONICS CORP. We buy/sell used Juniper EX series. 407-936-1310 EX-4PST-RMK     Adjustable 4-post Rack Mount Kit for EX2200, EX3200, EX3300, EX4200 and..
CHARLES DARWIN  VS  THE HUMMINGBIRD                         ..
Please let us know if you have any used/refurb/excess Acme Packet equipment.  Acme Packet 4000 Series Acme Packet 7000 Series Acme Packet 9000 Series Acme Packet Net-Net Central ..
Contact Legacy Electronics Corp. if you have these or if you need to buy them used/refurbished with warranty.  Alcatel Lucent..
CASH FOR USED! Current hot list. Let us know if you have any for sale. 1-407-936-1310  FC9565TMD1-I05 or LOWER need (3) FC9580L8C3 need (17) – any issue ..